Vonage is a VoIP telecommunication system, unique and suitable for both home and small business. If you need a cheap yet high-quality service you should consider switching to Vonage. We made a pro and cons list to help you determine whether you like it or not.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Just like any other VoIP provider Vonage has some outstanding features and some flaws, but it is still one of the highest quality telecommunication systems. Here are things you should know about Vonage.


Affordable – As opposed to the landline telephone system, Vonage is very affordable and suitable for any home. It will cost you about 30$, while other providers may charge you 65 to 70 dollars for the same service.
International and Local calls – Cheap international calls, Canada counts as domestic calls. However, if you call other Vonage users, it will count as a local call wherever they are.
Profit Opportunity – Vonage doesn’t only provide you with services and allow you to use this communication system for a small price, it also gives you a profit opportunity. If you make one referral you will get about $40 back, make referrals and save money.


Cisco ATA – Vonage will provide you with Cisco ATA device that needs to be connected to bases of every phone in your house which can be a little annoying.
Caller ID – Caller ID will show you only the number but not the name, which can be a pretty big NO for certain people.