If making unlimited calls for free sounds too good to be true, then think again. With Majic Jack, you can make all the calls you want to the United States, Canada, the US Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico. You can even try the service for free and if you don’t like it, you can get your money back. For just $35 dollars a year and the low cost of the device, you can make all the free calls you want.

When you switch over to Magic Jack telephone service, you won’t have any bills to worry about. You just pay the low yearly fee and you don’t have to deal with monthly bills ever again. The service is easy to set up as well. You just buy the device and hook it up to your Internet connection. Once the device is hooked up you can go online to activate it and start using it right away.

You Will Feel the Difference Magick Jack Makes

One of the best things about the service is that you don’t have to worry about your bandwidth dropping out. You won’t notice a change in your Internet service and Magic Jack uses special technology that compresses the bandwidth so it doesn’t drag it down. Many people are surprised at how good the call quality is. The calls are actually in HD and they sound clear and strong.

You never have to worry about your phone calls dropping out and your calls sound good no matter where you are in the house. Another great feature of Magic Jack is that you can use the device on the go. Yo can take it with you when you travel and you can even get the free app that allows you to use your mobile device to make calls. You can talk on your handset, mobile device or even your computer.

You won’t need to change your phone number when you start using Magic Jack either. You get to keep your same number and you won’t need to notify all your contacts about your new number. Connecting the device is very easy as well. Once you have the device, you just have to set it up and this is super easy to do. Just connect it to your internet connection and finish the set up process online. You can be using the Majic Jack in under ten minutes.

The price of the device is affordable and you just can’t go wrong with the amount of money you are going to be saving. You will save a huge amount of money each year and you won’t have to deal with forgetting to pay the bill or watching the price creep up each month. You will have more money in your pocket and you will be more free when you use Magic Jack. If you are ready to save a lot of money on your phone costs and you want to be free of your monthly bill, then you need to start using Magic Jack.