Development of the technology and appearance of the Internet brought us many new ways to communicate. However, now when there are so many choices, people can’t decide which system suits them the best. We will present you advantages and disadvantages of the best telephony systems and VoIP technologies of today, so you can decide for yourself.

Magic Jack – Pros and Cons

Magic Jack is VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) technology, affordable and suitable for anyone. It’s basically a USB device you plug into your computer, everything you need is the decent internet connection. Magic Jack can help you get rid of your enormous monthly bills.


Economical – Magic Jack users pay a decent annual fee that costs less than a month of landline telephone service.
No tolls or additional fees required for long distance calls. Small price to pay for what you get.
Portable – Maybe the most interesting thing about this product, it that you can be anywhere around the world and still use Magic Jack. It isn’t tied to any location, whichever country you live in you can always order Magic Jack USB an enjoy its benefits.


Internet Connection – The only flaw of this telecommunication system is that you can say goodbye to communication if your Internet is down. Magic Jack requires Internet Connection to work, and not just any kind of connection. It works only on high-speed cable, modem and DSL Internet. Which means you can’t use Magic Jack if you own satellite Internet.