Voice Over Internet Protocol – Yes or No

Voice Over Internet Protocol – Yes or No

Since its appearance, VoIP technologies proved to be a good idea. An economical and useful telecommunication system. It can be used for individual purposes and for small, medium or large businesses depending on the provider.

Yes or No?

Even though VOIP is very popular today, there are still some people doubting it, does it really work? Is it really that cheap and useful? Read our list of pros and cons and decide for yourself.

1. Costs

We can talk about VoIP advantages for years, however, the most important item on the pro list is cost effectiveness. VoIP providers, even though they’re numerous and different, provide you with the service similar to the landline telephone system but for a lot cheaper price. Some even don’t charge the international calls which can be pretty useful if you’re constantly in the business with overseas countries.


As you can see, VoIP services depend on the provider and its offers, however, the thing they all have in common is portability of their services. No matter where you go, just take your devices with you, mobile phone or laptop, for instance, connect to the internet and enjoy the wonders of VoIP technology.

Voip services

3. Compatibility

Maybe the biggest problem with the VoIP services is that many providers won’t allow the calls if individuals’ devices aren’t compatible, however, we are hoping this disadvantage will be fixed in the near future.

All in all, we think VoIP is a lot better communication system than landline phone service, it is cheaper, faster, easier to use and you can all get it done from your computer or mobile phone.