Ooma Telo – Good Option or Not?

Ooma Telo – Good Option or Not?

Technology changed, it brought us new ways to communicate, different than the ones we used before, easier to use, more affordable and in every case better. Voice over Internet Protocol technology is not only a new telecommunication way, it is a new discovery that completely changed our worlds. However, you can find numerous VoIP providers nowadays but how can you know which are the best? We will help you, consider our lists of pros and cons and determine if Ooma Telo is right for you, if not, read our other VoIP provider reviews.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Ooma Telo

Ooma Telo is a great alternative for landline telephony, if nothing else, it is at least easier to use.

1. No monthly fee

What makes Ooma different from all the other VoIP providers is certainly the fact that they charge no fee for unlimited calls. Everything you need to do is purchase the device, set it up and enjoy the wonders of the Ooma Telo.

2. Use existing number

When you purchase Ooma device you will get a new number for free, however, there is an option to use an existing number and it is also free of charge.

3. There are still some fees

Even though Ooma company doesn’t personally charge the fees and offers unlimited calls, Ooma users still have to pay a little something. How telephony is highly regulated industry, there are some local taxes that should be charged and users will have to pay. However, Ooma doesn’t hide this, they provide the tax calculator that should help you calculate the amount you will still have to pay.