Sunturn Battery

We bring the future to you.

Our Services

We already mentioned SunTurnBattery isn’t the ordinary telecommunication company. We are certified vendor company operating in the area of telecommunications. But what are our services? Let us introduce ourselves.

Support Services

Our professional and dedicated team of young but experienced technicians is at your disposal 24/7. Whether you need Telecom Consulting, Support Service or Customized Service, you can always call us and we will make sure your worries are gone. Our employees will use their comprehensive knowledge and impeccable skills in this area of business to help you solve any problem you have in the blink of an eye.

Products and Install Services

Our engineers will take care of setting up communication systems and maintenance services for as long as you need them and as long as you are our client. We will put your wishes in the first place and make sure to choose the right technology for your current condition.  Aside from that, we will deliver every product and service you order from our website, of course, in accordance with agreements we have with original manufacturers. We will take care of transmissions and access to the network and telecommunication systems, as well as connectivity and cables. Of course, everything we mentioned will be personally tested by our employees before it gets to you.

Marketing and Management

Our project managers will make sure every project we accept is done in a timely manner, on the budget, and on task. Using their experience and skills in this type of business, our managers will overcome any obstacle that comes in the way and predict potential risks over the line. This will allow your project to go smoothly and on-time. We will perform our service accordingly to the condition on market, we will inform you about latest trends and improve your current telecommunication system if necessary. In any case, you can always count on us.


About Us


SunTurnBattery is a telecommunications company like no other. Our small yet professional and dedicated team started from the bottom as a few person team and now it counts dozens of members who are always available and ready to help new clients. Our partnerships with conglomerates in the area of telecommunications are the reason of our success. Strong relationship and mutual respect between us help us create high-quality services and forward them to our clients. Our team doesn’t only include technicians and engineers, which are naturally the crucial part of our team. We also have Media & Marketing team which is responsible for maintenance of this website and information we provide you with. Also, we have Support Center available for you at any time. One of our main goals is to make our clients happy, that means providing quality services in a timely manner. Aside from that, we tend to put safety in the first place. We want our employees to be safe while working, as well as our clients at any moment. Safe equipment, tools and safety tests are the unavoidable part of our services. After safety comes environment, we choose to opt for non-pollution technologies at any time. Leave the technology to us and enjoy your communication.